Pipsypop Flowers


I am the face of Pipsypop Flowers but it really is a team of two.  Mike and Lisa Lasch.  Welcome to our website.  We're glad to have you.   

Our Experience

Mike and I both grew up on local farms and you could say we have a couple of green thumbs - four total. We're a bit crazy about our flowers.  I love nurturing them from seed to harvest.  Nothing makes me happier than watching them grow and making fabulous bouquets.   Mike's strength is taking care of the irrigation, maintenance and constant farm work.  Our flower farm began in 2016 with forist runs and a farm stand on the corner of Bloomfield Road and Hwy 120S.  We received great feedback and support.  It seems the buy local movement applies to our beautiful flowers.

We're happy to be sharing the addiction xxxx I mean love with you.

Flowers are wonderful confections than enrich our spirits, reduce stress and provide health benefits.  Just give a bouquet and watch the beholder's eyes light up.  Celebrate joys, sorrows, inspirations and simple daily pleasures with our locally grown seasonal blooms.

Have a wedding or event and want DIY flowers?  We sell them by the pail. Would you like a subscription for weekly or monthly delivery to your home or office?  We can put that bounce in your day.  Want to pick up your own bouquet?   Check out the farmstand on Bloomfield Road and please enjoy. 

About Pipsypop Flowers