Pipsypop Flowers


Self serve bouquets: Located at the corner of Bloomfield Road and Hwy 120 South

 $5.00 each. Available as soon as mother nature allows our season to start through fall.   Buy for yourself and give one away!   We're tickled pink to see our flowers being enjoyed.

Please understand there is a lot of work involved in these bouquets from the seeding to the growing  to the post harvest care.  We show our faith in humanity by using the honor system.  Thank you for your honesty and paying for what you take.  Also take good care of the blooms.  Keep them out of the heat.  Cut the stems with sharp shears when you place in your vessel and change the water every other day.  Even better - add flower food.  It inhibits bacteria and allows the flower some nutrients. We use this on the farm and it prolongs flower life.   

DIY flowers by the pail: $60.00.  Do you have a special event that needs some eye-catching flowers?  We have pails of blooms available.  You do the arranging.  I will provide a selection of seasonal flowers in a three gallon pail.  The flowers are fresh and natural.  Typically ten of each variety.  There will be main event show-off flowers , such as dahlias, and sunflowers and supporting cast flowers such as Ammi, Scabiosa and Snapdragons. Also included are greens which help make the flowers pop.  I will try to accommodate color preferences as able but cannot guarantee this.  Remember I'm growing at nature's whims.  This option is for a flexible person who wants a natural, unique look.  Pricing for 90 flowers is $60.00.  You come to our farm to pick up or we deliver in 20 mile area for an additional $20.00.  Please contact me by phone to discuss your order.  Leave a message please.  I'll get back to you as soon as able.  262-749-8374 or 262 749-8370.   

Subscription Service:    Would you like flowers delivered regularly to your home or office?  We would be happy to accommodate this niche.  Studies show flowers feed our need for serenity, inspiration, and wellness.  Flowers are there for the big moments in life but I say flowers should be there for our small daily moments too.    Please call us to organize.  262-749-8374 or 262 749-8370